Seeking a Graphic Designer for Growing Independent Record Label


SWEET SOUL RECORDS is constantly paying attention to the label’s branding, exposure, and production. In a very competitive music industry, for small labels it is always a challenge not to compromise quality and stay within the allotted budget.

We aim to approach our production in a more aggressive and experimental manner. Our creative production must mirror the same effort we put into seeking out the most talented independent international artists especially around neo-soul.

CD jacket and web site design, artists promotional materials, in store displays, and sponsors advertising materials all reflect SWEET SOUL’ RECORDS’ high standards and philosophy together with global production standards.

We are currently seeking full-time designer who can match, and go beyond our high standards when it comes to branding and production. Although job performance is important, someone who is motivated, capable of growing with the label, and enjoys self improvement is most desired.

A high level of experience in branding and marketing is very welcome but not required, what is more important is that this person has a desire to take on the role and excel even beyond their own imagination. The selected individual will be someone who will adjust easily to the label’s harmonious atmosphere and have a great personal lifestyle.


SWEET SOUL RECORDS will move forward and celebrate a new phase. Although people are excited about the possibilities of fusing music and digital delivery, some outside the music industry are seeking to exploit the music recently. We dare to take an opposite approach.

The next step is to bring in a designer who is like-minded, motivated, and would like to make a change in the music industry also. If you are that person, then please feel free to send us your application.

Some focus areas we will be considering for all applicants:

– Someone who enjoys creating new branding
– Would like to manage all label creative projects
– Who is constantly paying attention to foreign design styles as well as domestic
– Can design items that would be received internationally
– Able to design based on instructions or requested requirements
– Experienced in both print and web design
– Has studied design at a university overseas
– Has lived overseas
– Interested in photography and videography
– Enjoys neo-soul music
– Would enjoy the atmosphere around Yoyogiuehara

If you feel that you fit these few requirements, then contact us.